About Us

At Eternal Wellness, Melissa delivers the highest quality of holistic healing through massage, energy work, exercise and wellness programs to address the body, mind and spirit spectrum as a whole.

IMG_0001Melissa enjoys being in her community by doing On-Site Sports Massages for $1/min. She has an extensive background with the anatomy of the body and can provide proper techniques for muscle pain management, such as hydrotherapy and stretches for the entire body focused on your occupation or hobby.

Melissa works with all types of massage modalities. If you’re looking for a therapeutic massage, relaxation/swedish, pregnancy, sports, deep tissue or trigger point therapy, she’ll help relieve your symptoms of pain and restore your body’s balance. Whether you’re a Crossfit fan, a marathoner, golfer, baseball player, desk worker, construction worker, sales representative, Melissa is very intuitive and enjoys thinking outside of the box to address your muscle discomforts to return your body back to functioning at it’s tip-top prime performance. Melissa holds numerous programs at corporate venues, including chair massage events, bootcamps and wellness competitions.

Energy work, offered by Melissa called Reiki or Polarity Therapy, is great in conjunction with massage as it is aimed to relieve the underlying emotional issues related to muscle discomfort. Those issues can stem from work, family or personal feelings/emotions. Interested in a combo session? Just ask Melissa.

Gift certificates and discounts are available. Discounts available for those in the military, students or faculty, and emergency response personnel.

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”