Corporate Wellness Programs

At Eternal Wellness, we see the whole person as body, mind and spirit. Bodywork, fitness and nutrition encompass the whole spectrum to keep the body in balance. It is important to promote health and wellness in the workplace.

Benefits of employee’s wellness to employers:

  • less health insurance costs
  • less disability insurance costs
  • decreased sick time
  • increased productivity
  • enhance company’s morale one person at a time

What Eternal Wellness can offer you:

  • Lunch time series of wellness seminars (4-30 minute seminars)
  • Individual fitness and nutrition coaching
  • Group weight loss competitions
  • Fitness Bootcamps
  • Corporate Chair Massage/Wellness

A list comprised just for you of whole foods to help make shopping a little easier. To learn how to balance the diet and what to consume schedule an appointment with Melissa.

On-Site Chair Massage for Community or Corporate Events
  • $75.00/hour